|SM-G350| Touchscreen/Digitizer/LCD Display Disassembly/Replacement SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE PLUS

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In today’s movie, I’ll show you how to disassemble the touchscreen/digitizer in your mobile phone SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE PLUS SM-G350.

You will also learn how to replace it without damaging the screen. This article will also be useful if you want to change the LCD display. 


Disassembly guide SM-G350

1) We start the operation by switching the phone off, then we take off the cover and pull out the battery.take off the cover and pull out the battery sm-g350

2) We unscrew eleven screws with a small screwdriver, then help ourselves to pull them out using the help of the tweezers.body disassembly samsung sm-g350

3) Then we take off LCD connector cover and LCD connector plug using the opening tool.lcd connector plug sm-g350

4) Now by using the opening tool, please gently separate the body from the display.

body separating from lcd display sm-g350

5) Use an opening tool and hand or a suction cup to separate the digitizer from the LCD display. If on the digitizer you can not see the damage and it just does not work then try to disconnect and connect the digitizer tape to the motherboard or press touchscreen tape to the main board.Digitizer separating from lcd display samsung galaxy core plus

6) We clean the LCD display of dirt and glue.cleaning the lcd screen samsung sm-g350

7) We unstick the foil from a new touchscreen and glue the new touchscreen equally to the screen. Then connect the touchscreen tape to the motherboard.samsung sm-g350 digitizer replacement

8) Important! We transfer the loudspeaker cover from the old touchscreen to the new one.

sm-g350 samsung galaxy core plus loudspeaker cover

9) We assemble the body with the LCD screen, connect LCD tape, insert the battery, turn on the phone and test the touchscreen.samsung galaxy conre plus sm-g350 digitizer replacement guide 2018 new

10) If everything works well, we assemble the LCD connector cover and assembly screws.samsung galaxy core plus testing digitizer

In the case of this phone, it was not possible to repair the touchscreen, it could only be replaced because it was cracked.

SM-G350 Touchscreen/Digitizer Replacement Video Guide